Our Schools

  • Fashion Business School

    Learn in-demand skills you can use in the fashion Industry, like sewing,beading, illustration, pattern drafting and more.

  • Culinary School

    Series of Culinary courses that helps you master a skill at the comfort of your home.

  • Digital School

    Technology is changing the face of every industry. We have different courses to help you become digitally savvy.

About us

Africa's No 1 Online Skill School

CE Academy Online School is a platform for continuous learning for Africans that wish to acquire a skill at the comfort of their home at affordable prices. Our courses are very practical and affordable. With as low as $2 /N500 you can start learning. Our Instructional videos are downloadable, you study at your pace and interact with instructors from time to time. Its a subscription based platform, you choose the plan that is suitable for you and your needs. Monthly we publish over 20 new Courses.

Fashion Business School

From sewing tutorials to Fashion Business Courses, Our Online fashion School is a continous learning platform where you can hone your skill.
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We offer different culinary courses to meet your skill needs. Our Classes are tailored for Africans. You can choose a course you need at an affordable price.


Our Digital School is designed to teach relevance skills that will help business owners increase efficiency in the work place. From Office productivity Courses to Phone Photography Courses, social media marketing course to Building an Online store course. Our Digital School is for anybody that is interested in going digital with their business.
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  • Learn by Doing

    Our classes are very practical with loads of projects that lets you practice and get feedback.

  • Affordable

    Discover easy, low-cost Subcription plans to finance your skill education

  • Flexible and convienent

    Our Classes are downloadable. You can download our tutorials and practice at your convenience. it is lifelong learning platform. We upload new courses every month.